Pet photography

The Pooch - $397

  • 1-2 hour session
  • 20+ images to choose from
  • Custom date and location
  • $300 fine art print credit

The Pup - $99

  • Predetermined date and location
  • 30 minute session
  • 10+ images to choose from
  • $49 fine art print credit

Questions You May Have About a Portrait Session…

Don’t worry! Not all dogs have a good sit or stay. We can keep your dog on leash for safety and it can be removed fairly easily in editing. I have methods to get great shots showing that personality no matter the training!
I’m with you! I often feel the same way about having my picture taken. But don’t worry. I’ll give you tips and make suggestions as we go so you know exactly what to do and you'll look natural.
There are many choices. For the Pup session the location is predetermined and announced prior to the shoot. Locations could include the beach, a park, an urban setting, or other locations that will make for amazing photographs! For the Pooch session you can choose to have the session at your house, the beach, a park, or any local setting we decide would work for the images you want.
I recommend the session take place about 2 hours before sunset to capture the most beautiful light. The session could also be at sunrise.
First and foremost you want to wear something comfortable. Most likely you’ll need to bend and squat or sit to be near your pet so short skirts are not recommended. Pants, shorts, something that stretches or a longer dress might be more comfortable. If your session will be at the beach bring shoes and wear clothes you won’t mind getting sandy or wet.
We’ll touch base the day before and the day of the session. If it looks like it will rain we’ll reschedule. If it rains during the shoot and we can’t take all the pictures we want I’ll come back on another day so we can get all the pictures you want.
Shoot and burn sessions are usually provided by a photographer who takes photos and then burns JPGs to a USB, hands it to the client and then is done. This is akin to a fast food restaurant where they can serve many people with a limited menu of medium to low quality products. The client then takes the USB to print images and often finds the pictures need to be adjusted, color corrected or exposure adjusted. A full service photographer approaches the session differently and wants the customer to have a satisfying experience, offers quality products and plans the session with the customer to ensure beautiful images that are professionally edited and thoughtfully made into a quality product. This full service experience is like fine dining where everything is individually prepared for the customer and quality is chosen over quantity.
Digital files for social media sharing are included in each package. I sell the digital files for printing separately and it can be added to your package. This is done because I find customers usually don't need them once they realize they can order prints at a comparable price through a trusted printer I use. This allows me to check for correct color and cropping to ensure you are happy with the images you print.
Make sure you consider a hair style that feels like “you”. No matter what you choose, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable and you feel and look like “you”! Makeup should be natural. Glitter can confuse the camera so I don’t suggest makeup with a lot of glitter.
One or two works best for a pet session. If the session is not at home and possibly at a location without a bathroom, such as the beach, you might be using your car to change so just keep that in mind.

Are you interested in a pet photography session?