Meet Me

Welcome to Jill Brammer Photography! 

You’re ready for beautiful pictures of you and your horse and I’d love to help! I’m an equine photographer based in Palm Beach County covering Southeast Florida. I provide portrait sessions, black backgrounds, branding sessions, lifestyle/candids, and also dog photography, because our dogs are awesome too!

What I do

A picture may speak a thousand words but pictures that tell stories speak volumes. The story can be told with black background images to show off your beautiful horse as art work in your home, a portrait session to celebrate your bond, or a branding session to create meaningful and useful images for you to use to support your brand.

When I think about my clients I get as excited about the time we spend at the shoot as I do about the images we create. I love when the photography feels natural because everyone’s having a good time — and I believe this makes for great images.

~Jill Brammer

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I’m not only a Florida based equine and dog photographer. I’m also an animal lover and nature lover who believes in supporting efforts to make their lives and this planet better. My love for photographing horses and dogs started with photographing my own so I would have pictures to remember them and their personalities forever. My muses include my horse, Ben, who was a jumper that had been sold down the line a few times when I found him. We started out on a great note…the first time I rode him he spooked and bolted and I fell breaking a rib. Purchase questioned! But now he’s my heart horse and I wouldn’t change a thing about him (well, except for the amount he eats and poops). 

We also have 2 dogs, Tedie and Cypress. I always say Tedie is the best $125 I ever spent. He’s a mischievous Border Collie/Duck Toller mutt from Broward Humane Society who stole my heart the minute I saw him. And then there’s Cypress, the yellow lab who flunked out of seeing eye dog school and fell right into our hearts. They’re quite the mix and make every day happier!

I’m a member of PPA (Professional Photographer’s of America) and have a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. I travel everywhere to learn new skills photographing horses and dogs and participate in workshops whenever possible so I can bring the latest techniques to my clients’ sessions. I’ve started a bucket list of personal shoots I’m ticking off little by little which will appear in blog posts and include following fall leaves and the horses that enjoy them from Maine to the Blue Ridge mountains and photographing wild herds, specifically the “wildies’ of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. Along the way I’m making note of the best pizza and bakeries to share with you! 

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My Values

I strive to give you the experience and the quality I want when I’m a customer. That means caring about your goal for the session and delivering on that in a timely manner with professional quality.  

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”

~ Ansel Adams