Aurelia’s Animal Sanctuary

 “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France

If you volunteer at an animal shelter or get the plethora of emails and social media posts asking for donations you know how many animals around the world are in need of care or protection. Many of us send donations, forward information and volunteer our time when we can but it takes a person with a heart larger than average to put aside thoughts and concerns of cost and logistics and start a non profit with the mission of gathering injured or homeless animals and giving them a better life. Aurelia, the owner of Aurelia’s Animal Sanctuary, in Jupiter, Florida has done just that and she has taken caring for animals to A WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

Born and raised in Switzerland, Aurelia came to United States when she was nineteen. For seventeen years she lived in Miami Beach working as a Personal Assistant to a professional golfer and then moved to Palm Beach County, FL and to Jupiter in 2009. As a child she loved animals and spent her free time at a friend’s farm getting to know the horses, cows, pigs and chickens. She fondly remembers those days and the proud moment as an 11 year old when she was left at the farm alone and helped to deliver 16 piglets! Newton, the resident pig at the sanctuary would be so proud! Eventually the fondness for this period in her life developed into a love for animals so great she started the animal sanctuary she currently runs in Jupiter a few miles west of the turnpike and I-95 off Indiantown Road.

At Aurelia’s Animal Sanctuary the motto is “We believe all animals are valuable”. All the animals are rescues with the exception of emus. Many of the horses were rescued before being shipped for slaughter in Mexico and the other animals were found abandoned or abused.

Currently the farm is home to a wide variety of animals including emus, a tortoise, Newton the pig, a llama named Macchiato, many geese, Ande the goose who has one eye and thinks he’s any other animal but a goose, chickens, various birds, goats, horses, peacocks, turkeys, 2 donkeys and a few dogs who patrol the 20 acre farm. Whew!

She wakes up early to tend to everyone and goes to bed once they’re all tucked away, which is very important as she ends the day’s rounds. Recently coyotes have made visits to the farm to feed and now she often carries a fog horn to scare them away. She is helped by her faithful employee and friend of the animals, Brayan, as well as volunteers who help out occasionally. The donations from kind people is a great help and offsets the cost of food, care and repairs.

Follow the animal action at the sanctuary on Aurelia’s Animal Sanctuary Instagram page!

Aurelia ready with the horn in case a predator comes to harm anyone.
Brayan and Fruito love each other and enjoy a moment to rest from their duties.

A favorite of visitors to the sanctuary is Tyler the goat, who was meant to be a meat goat. His mother refused to nurse him and he was rescued by a friend of Aurelia’s who bottle fed him and gave him a home. A really nice home! He was allowed to sleep in a bed, wore (2) diapers and pajamas! Although he was loved dearly, the lives of his new family got busy and luckily he was given to Aurelia’s Animal Sanctuary so he could become a farm goat again and make new friends.

Tyler then and….

Check out all of the animals here and the next time you’re in Jupiter, FL click the link to the sanctuary’s website to schedule an appointment to tour the farm. Children will love seeing Andy the duck, the llama, the pig named Newton, and many horses and other animals!

Patriot celebrates his 3rd birthday with apples and carrots!
Buddy takes a break from patrol.

Another way to help is to make a tax deductible donation to help the animals.

Visit the link below to make a donation or schedule a trip to tour the sanctuary:

Or if you’re in the area email or call Aurelia to drop off items to help with the animals such as fly masks for the horses and donkeys, blankets, brooms, floor fans, fly spray, … the list of needs are endless.

 “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

There’s a lot of work to be done at the sanctuary.

See you next time!




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    1. Hi Dee! Thank you! I can’t believe I missed you there when I took the shots both days. Hopefully see you there soon!

  1. Aurellia, you have a wonderful animal sanctuary and we appreciate the time Sayda spends “helping” with chores with Emily who by the way is fantastic!

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